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You're mine, you belong to ME!
How dare you buy other people's products? YOU'RE MINE you hear me? 

I mean…

Since you’re on my email list, you're either a private client of mine or a customer — therefore you're mine!

…oh wait, there's an unsubscribe link at the end of each email.
…ahhh crap!

Okay, let's get serious here as this is serious stuff.

Throughout the years of being a consultant, I've seen people with some amazingly huge egos.
I hate to say that I have also followed their advice and almost ended up following their footsteps.


But thanks to a thing called FAMILY, and a fancy word that I learned on them interwebz called philanthropy I was able to get rid of those egomaniac clowns.

But first things first...
Your clients & customers, email subscribers, social media followers, etc. etc. etc. are in no way YOURS to keep.

They are just people who came to you looking for something that they currently need from you.
It doesn't mean that they'll stick around with you simply because, again you think they are yours to keep — forever.

As soon as you stop delivering what they need from you they will STOP opening, let alone reading your emails.

You can't actually stop them from going to your competitors and buy their stuff.

Even if you're foolish enough to attempt to do that by just trashing your competitors, you will only lose your credibility as you can't stop them from buying something that you do not offer.

Is there are a way to "keep them" coming to you?


And it's simple actually:
- Deliver what you've promised them (in your ads)
- Deliver what your competitors don't.

…I told you it’s simple.

You’ve promised them THE BEST workouts?
THE BEST meal plans?

Well, can you deliver the goods?
Can you prove it?

Not to me you silly, to THEM — to "your" people.


Just watched a superb interview with Gary Vaynerchuk and he really hit the nail on this topic, so it's not just crazy ole me that thinks this way!
Check it out:

…it’s super short and down to the point.

Talk to you later boys and girls, and as always have a
productive and profitable day!

~ Borche

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Borche Samardzioski is a Facebook marketing veteran.

His 9 years of experience and stellar track record as the "guy behind the curtain" engineering highly successful Facebook marketing campaigns for clients in multiple industries, earned him the respect of a top paid Facebook marketing consultant and business strategist.

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The simple Facebook ad that she used to literally FILL UP her (high ticket) webinar with pre-qualified clients in just 3 days!