Nicholas Kusmich HATES ME!



Ok officially, Nicholas Kusmich hates me.

…and here’s why.

One of my Mastermind members sent me a screenshot of the email that he received from Nicholas Kusmich — it was about one of my Facebook ads that I’m currently running.

But check this out, not only that he didn’t like my Facebook ad, he actually used my marketing tactic, both against me, AND to promote his marketing campaign!

Plus, he pretty much said in his email that he's cooler than me!

Sonuva witch!

Okay, here’s the dealio.

I’m running a Facebook ad in which I basically showcase how I was able to lower the Facebook ad cost on one of my client's campaigns down to $0.006 per video view.

And in his email message, Nicholas said that he’s able to get it down to only $0.005 per video view.

On top of that, he said that I've got a big mouth and that I like to brag about my Facebook campaigns — totally true and acceptable.


He then smoothly segued into showing how his Facebook ad is much cooler than mine as he pays $0.005 per video view, AND, if you go to his event in Santa Monica he’ll show you how you can get similar results.

Touché indeed.

By the way who is Nicholas Kusmich?

Nicholas Kusmich

Nicholas Kusmich

Well, that’s exactly the thought I had when my Mastermind member sent me the screenshot about his email, so I found his website and I saw that not only he’s a very successful Facebook marketing consultant as well, but his clientele includes some of the top internet marketing leaders.



I have done some training for, also consulted with and orchestrated product launches for some very famous names in the internet marketing industry too, so I was very surprised that I have never heard of Nicholas before.

Here’s some of his clients:


Tony Robbins


Joe Polish


Robin Sharma


Bill Baren


Lee McIntyre


Michael Port


Dean Graziosi


Taki Moore


C & J Atwood


Sharla Jacobs


Peter Parks


Giovanni Marsico


The reason why I decided to post about this is because I wanna share with you a marketing strategy that I highly recommend you use, because so far it brought me great results — in a very short period!

So pay attention here, ‘mkay?

First of all, my response to Nicholas’ Facebook ad challenge is:

Here ya go, here’s another ad for one of our British clients that we ran to promote his fitness program, and I’m sure ya’ll know how competitive that market is:


Second, here’s the message that Nicholas sent to his subscribers:


Third, I think I’ve just met my Genesis.

...oops. much of my wits!

I meant Nemesis, dammit!

Lets get down to business shall we?


Reason #1 (and lesson) why I’ve decided to share this is to let you know that right side Facebook ads still work!

The FB ad that got Nicholas’ attention was one of my right side ads.
Aside from the right side ads, I’m also running a news feed ad, and a video ad as well.

But as you can see the right side ad got his attention not the others.

…hence you should use them!

Wanna see where does it take people, a.k.a. my landing page?
'Mkay, here ya go:

Reason #2 this campaign is a clickbait strategy that I’m using to get people’s attention.

What’s a clickbait?

what is a clickbait

Attention is exactly what we all are looking for with all of our marketing messages, not just with our Facebook ads.

You can be giving away stuff for free literally, but if no one notices your Facebook ad , and if the ad image doesn’t get people’s attention, no one will care to read the text of your ad and see that you are seriously giving away stuff for free.

Because this strategy is deadly effective, Nicholas used it too — not just once but twice!

For his email title:

email title

And his CTA (call to action) at the end of his email:

CTA (call to action)


Which leads me to…

Reason #3 this Facebook brought me some really nice results.
How nice you ask?

This nice:

  • so far we’ve spent around $40 bucks to run it
  • we’ve got 16 high quality leads ($2.5 per lead)
  • one person applied for our high ticket packages

Here’s the message that he sent on our Facevertizing Facebook fan page, which by the way had ZERO likes at the time he sent the message (it’s got only 3 likes so far):
high ticket client

The guy's a very successful business dude.

Got some high end connections as well (has worked with and got a testimonial from Jordan Belfort a.k.a. the real guy the movie The Wolf Of Wall Street was based on).

So not only he's worth 4 figures to us right now, but if we sign up a monthly package and if he refers only ONE of his high end friends to us (if we do a good job of course and get him results) he'll generate 5 or possibly 6 figures for us in the next 2-3 months alone.

All that from the Facebook ad that my Gemmesis hates.

...I did it again, didn't I.

Good lawd have mercy!

NE-ME-SIS, dammit!

But anyhoo…

Like I said the reason why I decided to share this with ya is that the ad is working really well for us and it’s a winning campaign.

Brought in a hot new potential client within 2 days of running it and with only $40 bucks ad spend.

It’s also a WIN for Nicholas as he used my ad to create a small and powerful case study on the fly, and invite his peeps to see him live and learn how they can get similar results.

And, it’s a WIN for ya'll people reading this as you should take notes and implement something similar.


And what’s also crazy is that it took me literally like 2-3 minutes to create the ad.


I'll show you how I did it in the next email.

And today, I’ve also published a new set of super captive Facebook ads, so if they perform as I planned I’ll share those results with you as well.

Now before I sign off, I’ve got a quick question for ya:

What would you do if some of your competitors criticize you?

Leave me a comment below in the comments section.

I do read all of them and I’m interested to know what would you do.

…as I know exactly what I’ll do to Nicholas.

He started it!

There's only one way I think we can solve this matter and dammit, rock paper scissors won't do it!

I have the hunch that he may fear I’ll beat him on luck.

Instead, here's what I'll do...

I’ll actually invite him on a virtual coffee, or any other beverage of his choice!

How ‘bout THEM apples?

If he prefers booze let's hope he doesn't cuss like a sailor after a few shots.

Either way!

Hopefully he won’t reject me as after checking out his work I gotta say I’m now officially a fan girl!


Plus, I saw he’s Canadian, and I wuv Canadians!
One of the most polite people I know — I swear.

What you didn't know that about Canadians? Check this out:


If Nic (hope he’s ok calling him Nic) accepts, maybe we can trade some of our Facebook marketing secrets, and maybe, just maybe… we’ll share it with ya’ll.

I’ll send him an email in just a minute, but could you do me a favor and share this on your Facebook just in case my email ends in his spam folder?

Just click the share button below.

Catch ya later boys and girls, and keep an eye on your inbox — I have some really cool things coming up.

~ Borche



Client said YES! $3.000 in pure profit!

...ok technically $2.976 in profit.
($500 deposit for the project + $2476 after completion)

At the time he sent the message on our Facebook page, we had spent about $24 bucks on the ad we ran to attract him.
Here's a quick screenshot I took from our Skype chat just so you boys and gals get some movement for today:



...ow, and yeah.


Hire someone to install the latest and shiniest plugin on your wordpress blog or whatever.

Focus on acquiring AND serving clients and customers!
NOT by spending wasting your precious time and skills.

You have the freedom of course, to agree, OR cast a stone right on me forehead for saying these things, but keep in mind about one thing - we're ALL limited to 24 hours per day.
Focus on the sales, that's all there is to it.


Hope this will inspire (some of) you to focus better today and speak to at least ONE potential client/customer.
Send me a message if you do, motivate me back yo - I love seeing that type of stuff!


Enough about that I'm off to get the job done.
After all the guy paid to get results, not to fund our shenanigans!

Catch ya later!

~ B

Want to run a similar ad?

‘Mkay, here’s the template (just right click on the image and save it):

bubble ad template

And lemme know how it goes! 😎

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The simple Facebook ad that she used to literally FILL UP her (high ticket) webinar with pre-qualified clients in just 3 days!

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The simple Facebook ad that she used to literally FILL UP her (high ticket) webinar with pre-qualified clients in just 3 days!