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There is one thing that I hate the most when I'm on my computer — distractions!

So I was about to check my ad stats yesterday, and even though I have almost all of the stuff on my Facebook account blocked out BECAUSE of distractions, I saw that my fan page had some activity on it — so naturally I gave it a quick check.

…ended up a 15 minute check.

if i had a dollar


I only wanted to see the stats on my Facebook ads!


Luckily, I’ve found a super simple solution to this madness.

Hands down, this is THE best way that I’ve found so far to check up my Facebook ads without being distracted.

So here’s the thing that I use now to quickly check the ads WITHOUT being sucked into distractions:

It’s an app for the iphone.

Now, to be honest I hate the damn thing and the ipad as well, as they too bring a heck of
a lot of distractions, BUT I was surprised to see that there was a simple app to check the ads and
it comes with ZERO distractions — it’s just the ads.

Here’s the Android version:

By the way, right now in the app store this is available only for the iphone, so if you want to be
able to use it on your ipad as well here’s what you’ll need to do:

# Numero uno
– Open your App Store app and type in Facebook Ads Manager

# Numero due
– Click on… wait, I mean, tap with your finger (duh!) on this drop down menu and change it to iPhone only:

facebook ads manager for iphone

facebook ads manager for iphone&ipad

To clarify again.

If you wanna limit your distractions when you’re checking your Facebook ads stats, use this app — it works.

It offers an option to create ads on the fly, but don’t use it for that as it’s very limited, hop onto
your computer for that but be VERY careful not to get distracted.

Aaaaaand you’re damn welcome!

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~ B

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Coming up:

The simple Facebook ad that she used to literally FILL UP her (high ticket) webinar with pre-qualified clients in just 3 days!