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Just watched this awesome interview hosted at Google talks.

It's REALLY good!

By the way, I should say these strategies are not just for consultants.

They can be used for ANY negotiations, whether they are
business deals or you just simply want to reason with, for example
your spouse and dissolve a major argument.

I've been in this marketing & consulting game for quite some time...

And I "consume" a lot of business and marketing information on a
 regular basis, from different sources (so I can have a better
perspective and come up with better ideas)...

So I must say my time was very well spent watching this interview.

Every day, I try to learn a new psychological tidbit that
I can USE, not just to have it stored somewhere inside my head.

The reason for the psychological knowledge hunt?

I wanna shorten my sales pitch to get it down to take as little
time as possible, as time is my most precious resource I have.

That's a serious full-hearted statement, not just some pep talk.


Currently, it takes me about 40-60 mins to close a new, never heard of me
potential client for a 4 or 5 figure consulting deal.

And the biz talks a.k.a. negotiations are divided in two sessions.

The first time I talk with a new potential client, I don't mention anything
about my fees and specifics - nada.

The potential client is informed about that beforehand and it's truly
a non-sales pitch talk, it's not a trap.

Ow and...

First, they need to pass our client application filter.

They are obligated to answer our "business questionnaire" in order to
have me on the phone, or talk with one of our Facebook marketing consultants.

Not willing/too lazy to answer the questions?

They don't get to talk to me or to my peeps.

No exceptions.


If they pass our filtering, we schedule the non-pitch session.

(on skype)

That session lasts about 30-40 mins - on average.

And if the session goes well, we'll have a follow up session and
I'll present my offer - on average takes about 20-30 mins.

And just by listening to this guy, I've learned one more tidbit that
I can actually apply in my skype sessions, which according to my math
will cut at least a few mins of my sales pitch without forcing and
affecting the quality of it.

Anyways, the guy in the interview is a former FBI kidnapping negotiator.

Tough, literally death or life situations that require brain power to
persuade a terrorist (usually an entire group) to not only release the
hostages, but also surrender peacefully - on the clock.

Check it out, I highly recommend it, lots of applicable psychological tools.



If someone is talking to you, regardless of the situation and the circumstances, even if they are extremely mad at and yelling at you - they want something from you.

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The simple Facebook ad that she used to literally FILL UP her (high ticket) webinar with pre-qualified clients in just 3 days!