How online business “Gurus” trick you with Facebook ads!



Right, let's start the day on the right foot!

…or on the left.

Dunno, whichever is your good foot.


I was saying…

Let's clear out some smoke and mirrors from “online business lifestyle Gurus” I’ve seen recently, that do no good to nobody.

I wanna show you some Facebook ad mistakes that you definitely wanna avoid.

And of course, the winning Facebook ad of the day!

Let's pick up where we left off a few days ago.

…actually, what were we talking ‘bout previously?

Ah yes!

About Grant Cardone a.k.a. Mr. 10x, a.k.a. Uncle G!

So check this out…
Some of you peeps saw his Facebook ad, and sent it to us:


…and, appropriately, we gave it the “meh” award.

Uncle G, c’mon man!
Your interwebs marketing guys can do a better job that that.

I’m tellin’ ya, they’ve been burning your moneh’ on no good Facebook ads and fake scarcity software!
You’re overpaying on this particular ad because it contains too much text in it.

Yes, Facebook now allows you to run ads containing more than 20% text in them.

But you’re paying a LOT more to show it to people.

And there’s no need to be doing that, heck there’s nothing special about this ad.

Check that stuff out Uncle G…


Lemme show you these cool lifestyle Facebook ads that one of you boys and gals sent us:

Justin Enlightened Jedi Facebook ad
Tayler Leigh Facebook ad
Brian Dickson Facebook ad
Tayler Leigh Facebook ad 2

Legend has it, they be still looking for them 250 people...

In case you had to squint ‘cause of the bright flare reflecting off the golden Rolex inside the private jet.

…as you were looking at the Lambo (or at the girl).

…aaaand missed it!

All these ads have the exact ad copy (advertising text).

It’s either these peeps are working together, or copying one another — word for word.
But let's talk about the cool lifestyle business thingy they sell you.

And the $5.997 (supposedly) Shopify course that you can get for free, but only, and ONLY if you meet their qualification.


Here’s the real catch:

- They tell you to sign up for a free Shopify account via their affiliate link (which they don’t tell you).

- But they do tell you to immediately upgrade to a $79/m trial that Shopify offers, because it’s what you need in order the $5,997 course to work for you.

Otherwise, it may not work.


This is actually clever marketing to sell a business opportunity product, as you can’t use income claims in your Facebook ads.

(official Facebook ads policy)

And the images these boys and the gal use, do indeed tell a powerful story.

A lifestyle story.

An image of a guy speaking at a conference —> conveys credibility and authority.

Private jet + golden watch + checking biz stats on a laptop —> financial freedom ya’ll!


So basically.
They make money by promoting an affiliate product (Shopify hosting).

Hey, nothing wrong with that.

The smoke and mirrors…

The awesome lifestyle…

And “only 250” marketing trickery…

Is exactly what I don’t dig.

Because guess what?

EVERYONE that signs up via their affiliate link is given access to the $5.997 course — not the “chosen” 250 people only.

So ‘effin what?
Everyone’s using fake urgency, fake limited supply, fake live webinars…


Not right.

This is THE REASON why I don’t accept clients with fake “live” webinars.

…and don’t let me open my mouth about those!


This is why I stopped using countdown timers on my sales pages showing a REAL deadline.
Nobody believes they’re real, dammit!


I’ve got nothing against these folks.
They might be sweet bunnies.

But the tactics that someone told them to implement (as we clearly see a pattern here) — are polluting our marketplace.

I remember the struggle when I first started doing consulting...

I couldn’t explain to myself why such negativity and hostility towards marketing consultants.

Potential clients HATED ME!
I was young and naive, and like…

“Man, if this biz owner would knew…

If he would just let me implement some of the stuff I learned from Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Bencivenga…”

Later on I learned the business owner that rejected me, was allergic to "website computer people” because of some SEO dude.

He sold him a high ticket package to rank his website on Google’s #1 page — promising customers would pour in.

…didn’t deliver, nor refund his money.

No wonder he hated me.

Look, my point is don’t do trickery.

Don’t abuse good marketing tactics just because you’re lazy and don’t want to put in the extra work.

…and host a goddamn LIVE webinar as you promised you would.

Don’t let the MOAR MONEH’ green monster trick your mind to do stuff you shouldn’t.

Just like one of you peeps that wrote me yesterday about doing a $397/m membership but ain’t quite sure.

“Frank Kern has one.” —  he said.

So you thought if Frank’s got one, now you need one too, right?


Dude, do you really need it?
More importantly, do your PEEPS need it?

I am all about building a location-free, stress-free(less), lifestyle business.

What works best for Mr. Frank Kern AND his customers, may not work for you and your customers.

So don’t just focus on the extra money you’ll earn.

As sometimes making that extra money means investing more time on doing stuff — instead on your kids.

On hiring, training and managing extra peeps to take care of your $397/m members.

…instead of figuring out how to open a Chateau Lafite 1986 with your spouse.

Don’t follow someone’s advice blindly — just because.

It may not be a good thing for you.

…and certainly don’t forget what’s good for your clients and customers dammit!


I’m done with marketing confusion.


Let's focus on good marketing that works.

Let's actually SEE how people use Facebook ads to sell stuff on Shopify.

With that said…

The Facevertizing award for the best ad of the day goes to:

Workout Empire


Landing page:


By the way, you can find all the latest Shopify ads inside the Facevertizing Vault here —>

Why this ad rocks?

It's got 110.00 views and it’s been running for 3 months now.

For the new blood on our site, here’s our Facevertizing marketing rule #7:

“If a specific Facebook ad has been running for an extended period of time — there is a very HIGH probability the ad is profitable.”



Maybe you don’t like that rule.

Whatcha gonna say ‘bout this 1.2 Mil Facebook video ad views, they’re running for 20 days (so far) promoting, again, a Shopify product?


Here’s their targeting:


And the sales page:


Wanna know their supplier and how much the product ACTUALLY costs?

Well here ya go suga pie: me a burito and I’ll tell you how to get it for $4 per unit.

You good?

Need some fresh air?


Lemme show you this one too, it's really cool:

Store a Tooth

You can watch the video of the ad below:

But I’m not quite sure about their product yet, I need to check more medical (coooomplex) research.

Definitely a cool project that has a potential to do a lot of good.

Stem cells are the *lit and this Facebook ad is on *fleek!


*lit and *fleek are new words I learned from 14 year olds (cool is what old people say — apparently).


~ Borche


We’ve been testing out some brand NEW Facebook ad templates for news feed ads.

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Coming up:

The simple Facebook ad that she used to literally FILL UP her (high ticket) webinar with pre-qualified clients in just 3 days!