How NOT To Promote Your Facebook Live Video After Broadcasting



Time: 08:24 a.m.

Location: somewhere in Europe...

Just got back from my mornin’ jog, got my organic stuff inside my belly — so now it’s time to see what’s happening on Zuckerbook.

…I mean Facebook, dammit.

Check this out.

I’m working on a client project and I needed some inspiration for promoting a Facebook live video.

Naturally, I opened Facevertizing Ad Gallery to find such Facebook ads, and this one caught my attention:

Unfortunately, not for the right reasons...

Hillary, guuurl.
I hope you don’t mind dissecting your Facebook ad and some criticism — constructive, I promise!

Right, gimme a second to put my white coat on, my glasses and my scalpel.

Here’s the dealio with this ad…

It’s a:
-  31 min Facebook live video
-  There’s no description, snips or cliff notes below the video explaining what's it about.
-  Just a title that says: 10 Scientific Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs {CLICK PLAY!}

To which most people will respond with…

-  No CTA either (a Call To Action link for the viewer to visit after watching the video)

Hillary, I like your video — yes I did watch it!

And hot diggity, we share a trait. I see I found a fellow ideahollic, I see we both suffer from too many projects and ideas popping in our heads.

I swear sometimes it’s a like a circus up here, inside my noggin.


Anyhow, back to your FB live video ad…
You (or your FB ads team) did a poor job promoting it. You’re just wasting a lot of money having it run as it is right now.

…ask me why I know all this.


Here’s a much better way to promote a Facebook live video AFTER the broadcast is over:

As you can see, after the live broadcast, Zack’s VA (virtual assistant) went on and created a nice description about the video by also tagging the people that asked the questions.
Job VERY well done.


If you don't have anything to sell, or you choose NOT to sell on the live FB video — as you just wanna give away useful content.
You can still at least invite people to sign up on your list or join your Facebook group.

Or simply…

Just tell your Facebook fans to turn ON notifications for your Facebook fan page:

So next time you do have something for sale, or other awesome content they’ll be notified and see your post right on top of their news feed.

For example, I don’t follow a lot of peeps online and the ones I do mostly are biz dudes, ex military and martial artists.


I do follow a special laydah called Chalene Johnson.


And so does my sister and my bother, because I kinda ordered them to.

…because I dig her style, she’s super successful but doesn't take herself too seriously.

…because she’s into building online businesses — so am I.

…because she’s into fitness — hot damn, so am I!

I mean she’s into creating a wealthy, healthy, location free business, TOGETHER with her family & friends she loves — and OMG, so am I!
Which is why I want to see her stuff right on top of my news feed every time she posts something new.

By the way Hillary, I did notice that after all you did promote a URL for people to visit, but I couldn’t hear it — the audio was a bit shaky.

(nor has anyone else, I suppose)

And I’m guessing you didn’t put the link below the video after the broadcast on purpose, just to have people watch it and hear the link at the very end.


Well, that’s ok but like I said the audio is not that good.


Next time you do a Facebook live video, instead of just give out the link verbally, you can display it as a text in the video — yes, while you are broadcasting live.
You can use to do that.

No affiliation with them.
…on a second thought, they should send me cookies or whatever.

I was sayin’, you can also add your logo, images, and do a split screen interview with a guest like this:



Here’s a Facebook live video Mari Smith did using it so you can see how it actually looks:


My point is.

When you spend money on advertising, make sure you ain’t wasting it — measure your ROI (Return On Investment).
After all, if you ain’t promoting anything at the moment, if you’re just catching up and giving away cool content to your peeps, you can still invite them to come over your online place.

You know, where they can hang with you again, to turn on their FB notifications, join your group, sign up on your email…
AND be the first to know about your paid products and services when you decide to promote at a later time.


The Facebook marketing lesson for today is…

Take care of your online peeps.
Keep serving them — as best as you can.
But at the same time, do NOT waste your money on Facebook ads and learn how to improve them.

Keep in mind, you’re not the only cat in the Zuckerbook alley.
Dammit, I mean Facebook!

Either way.

Have an awesome day and don’t waste your resources Facebookin’, especially your time.
Invest it and leverage it.

You have only 24 hours — we ALL do.
So spend invest ‘em wisely.

~ Borche

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Just realized it’s Freee… I mean Friday!
I’m ought to get me my white suit and do this tonight (again).

Who’s coming with me? You coming with mua? Who’s coming dammit…?

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The simple Facebook ad that she used to literally FILL UP her (high ticket) webinar with pre-qualified clients in just 3 days!