Here’s a (expensive) Facebook ad mistake that eats your advertising money!



You know what?

There, I've said it — so what!

I've had it with their screaming and yelling, and their hide and seek below my office window.
I swear this is why I hate summer.

It's also why I hate muffins with chocolate crumbs on the top.
I tell you I hate 'em!

And it's definitely why I hate the minions.

...ok, I think I might need a penicillin shot now.

Penicillin is used for something else.

Aaaaanyhow no one hates the minions, dammit!
Geezus I miss being a kid.


All we needed was just a Michael Jackson beat, and off we'd go to crazy town jumping and screaming all over the place.


I was saying, lemme show you the technical details on how to set up this Webinar system.

What’s the matter now, this is how we grownups party, right?

Growing our business creation is what makes us happy.


Ottay, ottay.

We’ll do tech stuff another time.
But at least, let me show you an expensive Facebook ad mistake that eats your advertising money — like a fat kid eats Oreos.

...oh snap, I think I’m gonna get some spanking now for saying that one.

Either way, check out this ad from Paul Oberschneider:


What’s the mistake, you ask?

It’s this:
- Talking about yourself in the Facebook ad without giving any specific context of value.

It’s perceived as bragging, instead of positioning, and it’s most certainly NOT value.


Advertising is never about you, it’s always about THEM — your potential customer.

They will follow your instructions in your Facebook ad (subscribe or buy) if you make the whole premise about them.


The mistake in this ad is that Paul talked about his credentials only — thinking it’s value, positioning and attraction.

Being in business for 29 years and having lot of success a.k.a. credentials, won’t attract people to click on your Facebook ad — let alone do what you instruct them to do. I’ve done this exact mistake many moons ago, when I was trying to promote my expertise on Facebook.

Some of our clients have done it as well, and dammit I constantly keep seeing this mistake in people’s Facebook ads.

Credentials ARE helpful, and you should use them.


Imagine if for example an attorney, running ads promoting their practice with an ad that’s focused about their credentials.

Instead of talking about the awesome offer in details and THEN backing up the claims in the ad with the credentials.

Or in other words, just what this tax attorney did in his Facebook ad:

As you can see, the ad starts with a clear offer about a specific problem to a specific group of people…


On the landing page (at the bottom) it’s where the credentials are used — to back all the claims in the Facebook ad:


He's also testing which FB ad will perform better:




Atta boy!
Great job Mr. Tax Attorney!

...O.K. fine.

You can use your credentials in the opening of the Facebook ad.

After that you gotta quickly change the focus of the ad about THEM — your potential peeps and their problems.

Or just like Amy Jo Berman did in her Facebook ad:

Speaking of advertising mistakes, value, attraction and landing pages…

I’m scratching my head over here as I can’t figure out what the heck Ontraport’s marketing team is up to.

Their Facebook ad is 'mkay… kinda.

I see they decided to use the split image ad template —>

Which is good.

But, what was their marketing team thinking with this “e-book cover” on the landing page?

Not to sound too harsh but...

That headline above the polka dots is the best damn part of the whole landing page, and I can't even read it — WITH MY TELESCOPE!

My gosh!
Who does your landing page design?

My daughter can draw a better e-book cover than that polka dot pic — in Microsoft Paint!

I better calm down.

I don't have a daughter...

But neither does Ontraport, a good landing page that is — duh!

That's it, I've had it.
I'm starting early with the rum today — WAY EARLY.

This is kih-lin' me.

Maybe I don’t have children to play with, but hey I can sure buy me a dog — HA!

…no wait.

Just remembered hearing someone saying that's just wrong because dogs shouldn't be for sale, and instead they should be adopted.

Either way!
The class is dismissed.

I'm off to finish this bottle of rum and buy me a goldfish.
Catch you next time, suckers!


~ Borche

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The simple Facebook ad that she used to literally FILL UP her (high ticket) webinar with pre-qualified clients in just 3 days!