Clickbank case study – how to pick a good product to promote


So here’s a Clickbank case study from the previous Mastermind sessions that's gonna give you some big tips on affiliate marketing.

I was sending traffic to this FB custom page:

(Note — this is a strategy that I used back in 2012 but it's still valid today, though I don't recommend you send the traffic to a custom tab on Facebook).

This is the Clickbank offer page:

Now, you’ll notice that I'm not sending the traffic directly to the offer page – which I could've if I wanted to...

But, I wanted to build a list so I can _________ (fill the obvious answer).

So first, lemme 'splain why I chose to promote Joe Vitale’s product, and the whole psychology behind the promotion…

I’ve been through a few Clickbank courses and I was going to apply the things that I learned from those courses just like the majority of people do.

Which is:

Step #1

Pick a product with a high gravity percentage (popular product).

Step #2

Send traffic to the offer using Google ads, FB ads or any kind of ads to test it out and see if its profitable.

If it is, then set a bigger budget a.k.a. bring the INFANTRY!

I was just thinking of doing that, but suddenly I got Dan Kennedy popping in my head saying “The majority is always wrong!”

Sooooo, I listened to my gut feeling and skipped that process…

Instead of searching for popular products on Clickbank, I used their search tool to look for vendors (sellers) that have been approved in the last 2 months.

clickbank case study


Because I wanted to find NEW (and quality) product that was not heavily promoted by everyone and their mother all over the interwebs.

Since I’m going to use Facebook ads I want to be sure that people haven’t seen that product… otherwise I’ll be just spending my money on advertising hoping that I’ll attract a buyer or two…

So, after spending a few hours screwing around on Clickbank and checking people’s websites, I’ve found Vitale’s website – The Wealth Trigger.

Now, you might have heard or seen Dr. – Mr. – PhD. – WhatNot Joe Vitale in “The Secret” or better known as – law of attraction expert and a life coach dude…

I personally don’t dig his style, but one thing is certain – he knows how to sell!

So, that was the first reason why I decided to promote his website for this example.

His sales pages convert.

The second reason was that I noticed that this is a 2.0 version of his wealth trigger meaning that he previously sold his product as there were people buying his 1.0 thingy.

That automatically answered my questions and removed my doubts whether people will like this product as its “new”.

The third reason…

Since the product is newly released I have a good chance to compete with other affiliates and use Facebook ads to target the fan page of “The Secret” ( as there are 8.1 freakin’ million FB fans that have seen or heard about Vitale… so getting a few people to buy from this well known expert should be easy…

Which brings us to reason #4

The 4th factor was the price and the affiliate commission of the product.

If I want to make money with my Clickbank campaign I need to choose a product that has a good commission so I can cover my costs for the FB ads.

5th factor

Does the product have an affiliate page, pre-written emails that I can re-write? Also, is it clearly explained on the page what the product is about in first place?

This is an indicator for me that the creator of the “thing” put serious efforts in creating the product by giving extended details about it to the potential affiliates.

So, to tie this all together:

I chose to promote Joe’s course because it’s a new release and is not highly promoted so I can compete with other affiliates.

He’s a well known expert in his happy-thoughts-money-attracting-yoga niche thingy and there are lots of people that have seen and heard of him before.

His sales letters convert, I’ve seen his stuff

So, it’s time to roll out some FB test campaigns.

I’m only going to collect people’s emails and send them, after they optin, directly to the sales letter on “The Wealth Attraction” website.

I’m not gonna use any of his pre-written emails as I don’t have the time to play with that, so I’m sure that will affect my conversions as I'm not gonna be following up with them (at this stage).

But, if my optin test goes well I might mess around with that email list afterwards…

Now lastly, speaking of emails and autoresponders…

Which autoresponder company do I use?

Well, I've switched from Aweber to ConvertKit and I also use ActiveCampaign. Lots of good reasons which if you check their sites you'll see exactly why I ditched Aweber.

Yes, there are cheaper and even free options, but these two have one of the best delivery rates in the industry. They take their business very seriously.

And delivering emails is all that matters as I see each of the email address that I collect as a potential buyer that could become a happy customer or client for many months and years. These are people that I’ve selected and targeted to do business with…

Losing their contact info – or not being able to deliver my (sales) messages to them is unthinkable.


The Facebook ad for “The Wealth Trigger”:

facebook ad

You can see that I’m targeting the fan page of “The Secret”.

I’ve selected the ad to appear only to people between 28-46 for reasons based on my incredibly short research on the market. But you can also see that the Facebook ad is targeting only people located in Dallas, Texas.

Here is why…

Once I read Vitale’s sales letter I saw he mentioned that he was living in Dallas, TX or to quote him:

“I want you to imagine yourself in my shoes... not with the wealth and abundance I have today... but as the homeless man I was in the late '70's, wandering around Dallas, Texas, living dollar to dollar in constant desperation.”

So naturally, I selected Dallas, TX as I'musing 2 psychological triggers in my campaign:

  • Empathy
  • Bonding

Its one thing to buy a book/course on how to attract wealth and riches in your life by some guy that you don’t know much about…

But it’s a completely different story to buy a book or a course from a highly successful guy (expert) that hot damn, he happens to live in the same city as you do!

But, we shall see how successful the campaign will be…

Also speaking about Facebook ads and campaigns…
Here are a few very important things about targeting your audience based on their age:

facebook ads case study 1


facebook ads case study 2

You can see that if I target different age groups the cost per click is significantly higher or lower.

And before you get any ideas about that…
I’ll say this only once.

Don’t be tempted to target your audience based on the “cheap clicks” – they can cost you more!

Look, I’m always trying to lower down the cost per click but I’m also always sticking to my rule about Facebook ads.

That is no matter what the cost per click is, I always try to target and to attract my perfect customer.

So, in this case I can choose to pay between $0.22 – $0.37 if I want to target women at the age of 26.

...or, expect to pay between $0.63 – $1.93 if I want to target women that are 55y.o.

Which means, if the product or service that I’m trying to sell is mainly used by 45y.o. women, or especially women at the age of 55 there is no point of advertising the product/service to women at the age of 26 simply because I can get cheaper clicks.


Alrighty… that’s it for today.



Just watched Gary Vaynerchuk’s interview and he hit the nail on this:

A great reminder that your customers are not YOURS to keep!

They are just people who came to you looking for something that they need from you — currently.

It doesn't mean that they'll stick around with you simply because again you think "they are yours to keep".

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The simple Facebook ad that she used to literally FILL UP her (high ticket) webinar with pre-qualified clients in just 3 days!