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Country: United Kingdom
Gender: female
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I’m back in London for the first time in a while, really close to my old corporate office. I managed to escape my corporate job 4 years ago, and it’s so strange to be back! ?


I used to think it was impossible to get out - in fact, it took me 2 years to get up the courage to even *try* a business idea alongside my job. ?‍?


As I’ve grown, my business has naturally shifted and grown too. I started off blogging, sold ebooks, then I re-trained in nutrition to become a health coach.


When my health clients started asking me about business so I started offering “how to start a business” courses and coaching. I’m proud that I’ve helped over 100 women to take steps to start a business of their own.


My husband also quit his corporate job a few years ago* - he has an Amazon business and a marketing agency.


? You could say we’ve seen most of the online world!


Recently, I was introduced to a totally different business idea by another female entrepreneur friend of mine.


Previous to this, I always thought you had to come up with a brand new idea, figure out and test the marketing strategy, and invest a lot time and money to figure out what works.


But this business is SO much simpler, because the product is already proven (it sells over $1billion annually). ?


Because it’s the same product, the marketing can be duplicated. So, I’ve created a done-for-you marketing system you can just plug into and use, even if you’ve never run a business before.


So many of my previous clients have joined me already. I’m building a community of women who’re:


? interested in a healthy way of life

? ready to create an income to rival their day job by building an ethical online business

? excited to experience lifestyle freedom and say goodbye to stressful commutes, office politics and an angry boss


If you’d like to find out more, I’d love to invite you to watch this free training class I created which explains it all fully:


? Register now to watch at:


P.S. If you've got a question, ask away in the comments and I'll get back to you :)

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