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What are you waiting for?


When I had the idea for a business I didn’t wait till I knew everything, I just started.


When I wanted to go on a magical vacation, I didn’t wait until I had a guy to go with me.


When I got on the plane to NYC to rehearse for a Broadway tour, I didn’t wait until I stopped crying (I cried the whole flight).


This week I’m teaching my most popular #InstagramClass “Five Steps to Grow your Revenue & Following on Instagram.” ? If that sentence is what you want, stop waiting!!


I went from a dancer earning peanuts + so financially anxious, to a team of 9 people running a successful business from anywhere in the world with so much financial peace.


The first step is showing up. Ask anyone — I share in such detail, vulnerably, specifically, but YOU have to be there.


It’s scary as heck but the joy it brings is SO worth it! ?


Get a seat >>>


Oh + not waiting? Not gonna lie, it’s also what leads to things like working from Paris with your dream guy. ;)



A Free Instagram Class!

"Instagram for business finally makes sense. It feels like I've finally cracked the code" - Ashley A.


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