3 Costly Facebook marketing mistakes even BIG brands do – #2 is HUGE!




You see, from time to time, even the big brands make mistakes.
…we all do, it’s inevitable.

So here are 3 very costly Facebook marketing mistakes even BIG brands do.

Costly mistake #1:
Disconnection between the Facebook ad and the LP (landing page)

Big brand name: Lisa Sasevich

I love Lisa’s stuff, she’s a black belt sales closer.

But someone from her staff that created this Facebook ad, made the classic ole’ disconnection in message mistake.

Here’s the Facebook ad they’re running:

Lisa Sasevich Facebook ad

And here’s the LP (landing page):

Lisa Sasevich landing page
URL: http://www.boostsalestoday.com/cheatsheet


Before I show you the mistake below, can you notice what did they do wrong in this campaign?

…no sneaky peeking!

‘K, here’s the mistake they’ve made.

Lisa Sasevich mistake

As you can see the offer of the Facebook ad is to sign up to watch video #1 of Lisa’s brand new training, plus the person will be able to download a cheat sheet.


As you can see the offer on the landing page emphasizes the cheat sheet, not the video you’re supposed to get (which was the big promise in the Facebook ad).

Lisa Sasevich mistake 2


Also, the CTA (call to action) button doesn’t match the Facebook ad.

Lisa Sasevich CTAOn the Facebook ad the CTA button says “Sign up”, but the button on the LP says “Download My Free Cheat Sheet”.


How to fix it:

- Focus on one specific offer in the ad

- Match the Facebook ad with the landing page to avoid confusion and losing potential subscribers

- Match the CTA button of the Facebook ad with the CTA on the landing page.

Here’s an example:

Lisa Sasevich recommendation

Costly mistake #2:

Not excluding customers from targeting and re-targeting with Facebook ads that are promoting the same product that the customers bought.

Big brand name: Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes are running this Facebook ad:

thrive themes

LP (landing page): http://goo.gl/WOM8Vz

Ad objective:
Re-targeting ad, targeting people who have visited their website with an offer to buy their landing page builder

The mistake:
I’m already a customer and I keep seeing the same ad over and over again.

Not only that I’m getting a bit annoyed by that, but also this will reflect on the ad relevance score and it’s gonna affect the cost of the ad as well.

Facebook’s advertising algorithm works in a way that if the ad appeals to the targeted audience, if the people seeing the ad are clicking it, Facebook’s system will identify that activity as a positive action.

The system will reward the advertiser for creating a relevant ad that people find appealing by lowering the ad cost of the ad and giving it more exposure.

If however, the targeted audience don’t take any action on the ad (clicks, likes, shares, comments) the system will identify that activity as a non relevant ad — therefore, the ad cost will be increased significantly.

How to fix it:
Using the Facebook pixel code to create a custom audience that will collect customers data (successful transaction/thank you page).


Facebook pixel code


Facebook pixel code exclude audience


Costly mistake #3:
Not paying attention if the pixel code is working properly

Big brand name: Mari Smith


Mari smith facebook pixel code not working

Hold on, wait a sec...
Are we talking about THE Mari Smith?


As you can see even the Queen of social media sometimes makes mistakes.



How to fix it:
- Install the Facebook Pixel Helper extension and after setting up your Facebook pixel code onto your website, check and make sure the pixel is working properly.


- Double check your pixel code whenever you’re running Facebook ads.


Mari's team fixed the issue!

And she's also started following us on Twitter, yay!



Mari Smith Facebook
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The simple Facebook ad that she used to literally FILL UP her (high ticket) webinar with pre-qualified clients in just 3 days!